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Our Constitution

  1. The name of Association shall be called the Stoneygate Conservation Area Society.
  2. The objects of the Society shall be to preserve and enhance the amenities, visual and social, of the Stoneygate Conservation Area and of the contiguous parts of the City of Leicester; to make recommendations and representations to the appropriate authorities, when changes or developments are proposed in the area; to encourage individual and group initiatives which tend to enhance any part of the Area; to increase the awareness of residents in the Area, in matters appertaining to its history, character and potentialities; and to promote, by meetings, lectures, excursions, publications or by any other means, the objects of the Society.
  3. Membership shall be open to residents in the area and to others who are in sympathy with the objects of the Society.
  4. Members shall pay an annual subscription, of such amount as the Society’s Committee shall from time to time decide and announce.
  5. The Society shall hold an Annual General Meeting, not less than ten months nor more than fifteen months after the previous A.G.M. Audited accounts of the Society’s financial transactions during the previous year shall be presented to the meeting.
  6. The Annual General Meeting of the Society shall also elect not less than six and not more than twelve members of the Society to constitute its Committee, those members to serve until the next A.G.M. but eligible for re-election.
  7. The Committee shall elect a Chairperson, and such other Officers for the Society as it shall deem necessary. The Committee having the power to co-opt and to establish Sub-Committees.
  8. An Extraordinary General Meeting may be called at any time by the Committee or if requested in writing by not less than one fifth of the Society’s total voting strength, or by twenty members of the Society, whichever is smaller.
  9. Not less than fourteen days notice shall be given to members of the date, place and purpose of all General Meetings.
  10. The Committee shall cause Minutes to be kept of all General Meetings, Committees and Sub-Committees.
  11. The Society’s assets shall be retained solely for its own use, to advance the aims of the Society. They shall not be disbursed as dividends or income or in any form to Society members during its lifetime.
  12. The Society shall continue in existence until such time as it is decided, by majority vote at an extraordinary general meeting called for the purpose, to wind up the affairs of the Society.
  13. The Committee shall produce a set of final accounts showing the Society’s net assets at the time of winding- up. These assets will be distributed to one or more charitable or non-profitmaking organisations, decided by majority vote, which share the Society’s aims and will carry forward its mission.

March 1996 (as amended July 2012)

David Oldershaw