Consultation on changes to Conservation Areas

Reviewing Knighton Conservation Area

Leicester City Council has begun to review some of the Conservation Areas in the city. The most recently announced is the review of the Knighton Village conservation area. This will be of interest as it is the area which neighbours Stoneygate conservation area. The council is seeking views on the current draft character appraisal and management plan for Knighton Village.

The consultation is well under way, but you have until 22 February to record your views. This can be done via the council’s website and a link can be found here.

A boundary nameplate

A number of changes are being proposed for the area. This includes an increase in the boundary of the conservation area to include properties on the north and west of the boundary, as well as changes to the Article 4 direction which would impose stricter planning requirements.

On the website you can download copies of the proposed boundary changes, details of the mangement plan and the character appraisal.

This is a great opportunity to make your views known on the area, and to influence its future development and management.

Getting involved will be good practice for when the Stoneygate review is announced. We will keep you posted!