Leicester to invest in new affordable homes

Computer generated image of houses planned for Lanesborough Road

Leicester City Council has outlined plans to deliver up to 1500 new affordable homes across the city over the next five years. It will utilise £150m from a range of sources, including Government and local authority funding, as well as contributions from the private sector.

A number of sites have already been identified on which to build new homes, and some of these are already in the pipeline for delivery. One interesting part of the proposal is to purchase exisiting homes “off the shelf” in areas where they are needed and properties are for sale.

While it is probably unlikely we will see any vacant houses bought in the Stoneygate area, it will be interesting to see how these plans are delivered in coming years, and SCAS will certainly keep an eye on any potential developments in this area. Further details on the proposals can be seen in the link here.