Stoneygate Baptist Church congregation 1920
Stoneygate Baptist Church (1913-) congregation

Stoneygate Baptist Church has its origins in a 1900 disagreement with the Clarendon Park Baptist Church.

70 members including 6 deacons and the only two trustees withdrew from the congregation to temporary premises at Avenue Board School and the Knighton Public Hall (now the Chinese Christian Church) before, on 2nd Oct 1901, a new church was formally constituted under Pastor the Reverend S Jones.

A suitable site for a new building finally became available in 1911, following the auction the previous year of a large mid-Victorian house ‘The Oaks’ and its surrounding grounds.

The present Stoneygate Baptist Church was duly commissioned and completed and opening services were held on the 11th and 12th October 1913 in the School Hall, followed by a formal opening on 17th March 1914. At that time there were 110 members. Mortgage was initially £4,000 but had risen to £7,000 by 1916. J.W Goddard was the first Treasurer.