Stoneygate conservation area sign

Stoneygate Residents Parking Scheme 2018

During 2018, Leicester City Council carried out a consultation with residents and businesses in Clarendon Park to assess support for a residents’ parking scheme.

The consultation was organised by Social Research Associates and included information displays, questioning people in the street, presentations at Castle ward public meetings and a leaflet distributed to all the local addresses. That invited residents to vote for or against the scheme as well as asking some factual questions.

The outcome was that the balance of opinion was against the scheme, and there was no smaller area in which it had strong enough support to be practical. As a result the proposal has been withdrawn.

A press release from the City Council on 4 December 2008 announced that decision.

It was reported in an article in the Leicester Mercury on 8 December.

Knighton councillor Ross Grant opposed the scheme in a letter to the Leicester Mercury on 2 December.

Another letter in the Leicester Mercury on the scheme was published on 20 December.

The final vote was 52% against the scheme and 42% in favour, with a response rate around 20%. The detailed figures and full consultation report are available online from Leicester City Council.